Porcelain Crowns (Dan P)

Correction of Complex Bites


Before and after Dental services

Margie’s Letter

Porcelain Veneers


Porcelain Veneers before and after


After Dental treatment at Lacey Family Dentistry

Ernie P

Dental before and after

Ernie P’s Letter

Fixed Implant Prosthesis (Galina)

Implant Crowns (Lilly)

Sedation Dentistry (Clara)

Very complex case Clara M.

Failing 4 unit anterior bridge and multiple old silver fillings requiring

Required coordination between Orthodontist – to Correct Malocclusion

Oral Surgeon to extract teeth and placement of two implants to fabricate an implant-supported 4 unit fixed bridge

Laboratory technician to create ideal wax-up, surgical guides, and final fabrication of porcelain bridge

The restorative dentist (me)

The patient cried uncontrollably when she just walked into the office for her first visit

In the end, we were being super silly and she cried again because of how we were able to help her navigate this seemingly impossible journey from start to finish – always by her side.

System Removable Prosthetics (Ron S.)

Crown Work on Anterior Teeth



The patient who is a trombone musician was concerned about the new crown work affecting the way her teeth/mouth fit the mouthpiece of the instrument. She wanted her teeth to be shaped exactly the same so that it did not change the way the teeth/lips fit into the instrument’s mouthpiece.

The patient had a removable partial to replace several missing teeth. Due to a number of factors, the rest of the teeth on the upper arch needed to be removed. We added 3 more implants to his maxillary jaw to provide support for a removable prosthesis. Compared to the pre-treatment smile photos, the post-treatment smile changes are remarkable. Our patient is extremely satisfied with the results.

Cracks in enamel are often associated with an older silver filling. Over time there are countless “thermal cycles” that our mouth is subject to when we eat hot foods or hot drinks followed by cold foods or cold drinks. The metal in the silver filling will undergo expansion with heat and contraction with cold. Our teeth have very similar structural properties to glass, in that glass does not expand with the expanding metal filling, it will break (crack). Over time these thermal cycles will lead to cracks in the tooth and if not addressed, can lead to significant tooth damage. Typically, if the cracks are small then a conservative composite restoration can be placed to “slow” further damage. If the cracks appear to be deeper once the silver filling is removed, then a protective crown is recommended to prevent the crack from continuing further.





Crown Work on the Entire Maxillary (TOP) Arch


Dental Crown



Locator Attachments

An open palate prosthesis design for maxillary (upper) denture using locator attachments

Locator Attachments Removable Prosthesis

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Porcelain Crowns on Models

Porcelain Crowns on Models

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