Your First Visit 

Welcome to our practice, and thank you for choosing our office.  We believe you will find our team unique in its dedication to providing the highest quality dental care.  This includes our commitment to keeping you as comfortable as possible, providing up-to-date techniques and service, and developing a relationship with you based on mutual respect and understanding.

 We look forward to meeting you on your first appointment the day and time we have reserved for you.  On this first visit you will be given the opportunity to get to know us. We consider your participation essential in developing your long-term dental health goals.  It is best to plan on spending approximately 2 hours for this appointment

What to expect on your 1st visit?

    1. Meet the staff
    2. Have your picture taken (for recognition & security reasons)
    3. Have x-rays updated
    4. Dental/Medical history will be reviewed
    5. Questions answered
    6. Full Comprehensive dental exam
    7. At the conclusion of your visit we will schedule your hygiene appointment for the cleaning

Please plan on being here for approximately 2 hours for your appointment.  

In preparation for our time together, please complete the enclosed patient registration and medical/dental history forms. Mail these forms back to us along with your dental insurance card (if you are insured) in the enclosed envelope.

We look forward to seeing you. 

    • Please add the followings forms: 

Patient Medical History Form .pdf

Dental Health Information  .pdf

Dental Insurance form .pdf

Authorization to Release Dental Information .pdf

New Patient Insurance Intake Form

HIPPA form.pdf

SE Asia Outreach and Support during the COVID-19 pandemic


Dr. Mike Lacey and his wife Karen continue to support both Cambodia and Thailand throughout this COVID-19 pandemic. While we in the USA are having tremendous difficulties, there is another world of hurt out there that we may not see in the news.”



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