From: Ernie Pressman

Stronger Teeth and a Better Bite!

“I have been a patient of Dr. Michael Lacey, DMD for over twenty years. I have always considered him to be an excellent dentist; very conscientious and thorough. Several years ago, Dr. Lacey pointed out that a number of my upper front teeth were becoming quite thin and brittle. In order to properly repair them, he recommended orthodontia to better position the teeth for the application of veneers. Acting on his recommendation, I became a patient of Eugene orthodontist Dr. Brad Chvatal. I was extremely impressed that Drs. Lacey and Chvatal communicated frequently about my particular dental condition and, I later found out, this degree of communication is quite unusual and unique. Dr. Lacey went above and beyond what other dentists do to ensure the very best possible outcome for my dental situation.

Because of the extra time, care and communication between my dental professionals, I strongly believe that the finished product of correcting my bite and strengthening my brittle teeth was greatly enhanced. I was even more impressed with the care and precision Dr. Lacey took on the actual repair process of my teeth and correction of my bite. He was very careful to make sure the outcome would be excellent and result in the very best solution to my future dental health.

In summary, I would highly recommend Dr. Lacey to anyone wishing to receive the very highest quality of general dentistry!”

Ernie Pressman

April, 2015

From: Retired Medical Doctor

“Sincerely, Dick I have been a patient of Dr. Michael Lacey since 1993. In my opinion, he and his staff have provided technically excellent dental care with a very friendly, kind, caring, and professional manner.

In addition to routine dental care needs, I have had some additional dental challenges. At the time I started seeing Dr. Lacey he noted that many of my teeth were very worn and had lost height, due in part to previous treatments of the teeth to adjust the bite, and to grinding of the teeth that I was doing that I was not aware of. He prescribed a night guard, dental splint, for me to wear while sleeping to prevent further grinding of the teeth.

In subsequent years I developed temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems with clicking and pain, which Dr. Lacey thought were caused by or aggravated by worsening malalignment and malocclusion of the teeth. After extensive evaluation and consideration of various options, I decided to undergo full mouth reconstruction to try to optimize the bite and minimize the stress on the temporomandibular joints, in hopes of minimizing further TMJ problems. This process involved referral to an orthodontist in 2008 for braces, which I wore for 21 months to correct the alignment of my teeth. Starting in 2011, I wore a MAGO (splint) on the upper teeth continually for many months, with frequent visits to optimize the fit and occlusal surface to stabilize the temporomandibular joints in a desirable position. In 2012, all of my lower and upper teeth had crowns placed on them to be of optimal height and occlusion. Multiple subsequent visits were done to optimize the occlusal surfaces. I now wear a splint on the upper teeth when sleeping to prevent grinding of the teeth and to keep the teeth properly aligned. I also wear a retainer on my lower teeth when sleeping to keep them properly aligned.

Since the full mouth restoration has been completed my bite has been optimized and I chew easily. My temporomandibular joints have done well. I am pleased with the appearance of my teeth and the health of my gums. I do not think about my teeth, other than to continue meticulous dental care, which is easy to do. The investment of time and money in this process was extensive and significant. I am grateful that I had this care available to me, and am very pleased with the results.”


Retired medical doctor

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From: Clara M

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Lacey’s since 2006. How would we have known where that journey would lead us over the next nine years; from simple cleanings to fillings to the most important life-changing work of all—the last three years.

To provide a bit of history: As a youngster, I had horrible teeth, including an impacted tooth which resulted in multiple oral surgeries and orthodontics. I’ve had a four-tooth bridge since I was a teenager. It was designed to only last 10-15 years and I had babied it along for nearly forty years. Dr. Lacey and I had talked multiple times over the years about replacing that bridge, but my childhood dental experiences kept me saying “No, not yet” and ultimately prevented me from overcoming my anxiety about not only beginning the process, but to actually look forward to the end result I’d get once I actually had the work done. I simply couldn’t picture the final outcome because I couldn’t get past the anxiousness of it all.

Fast forward—I was horrified, my front teeth had begun to scissor! That was the tipping point for me, I could no longer say “No, not yet.” Dr. Lacey had a plan– visit a highly recommended orthodontist, Dr. Niles, and oral surgeon, Dr. Welch. Because my case was complicated and long term, and included working around my anxiety over dental work and a four-tooth bridge, all three doctors coordinated efforts at each bend in the road. The overall plan was to have braces to straighten all my teeth, with two extractions followed by implants to stabilize a new bridge, followed by crowns to replace silver fillings and round out the esthetics of the mouth.

When it came time for the putting on and taking off of orthodontics, all three doctors conversed about next steps and where each of them would be involved in work they’d need to do; when it came time for extractions and implants, all three doctors conversed about next steps and where each of them would be involved in work they’d again need to do; when it came time for the final bridge work, all three doctors conversed about next steps.

The professionalism and kindness shown to me over the years from Dr. Lacey and his staff has been overwhelming at times. To time and time again put trust in a dentist and his staff, and emerge from the process happy to call them friend and looking forward to my next cleaning, is a testament to how caring this dentist and his staff are. I may have been their patient, but they exhibited real patience with me! The end result of the work done over the past three years has left me asking myself…”Why in the world did I wait so long? The payoff has been worth every step of the journey.”

Clara M

From: Margie

For many years, and most of my life, I was embarrassed by my teeth and crooked smile resulting from an early childhood and uncorrected) accident that, over a period of time, reduced the space in my mouth for my front teeth. I spoke to several dental professionals over a long period cf time who generally explained that my situation was extremely complicated, perhaps not even worth it for the possible minimally improved outcome and other complicating risks.

I finally decided to correct these dental problems that had prevented me from smiling with confidence. I began to search for a good dentist–no, a GREAT dentist! All of the various dental practitioners with whom I consulted steered me to Dr. Lacey, so I came to him late in the game after sessions with an orthodontist, an endontist, an oral surgeon and a periodontist. I was told by all of them that “Dr. Lacey is a perfectionist–he will give you the best results possible.” After meeting with him, I was certain he could take on a complicated, multi-issue involved case. I also found in him an extremely compassionate human being who was capable of dealing with the long-term trauma I experienced over a lifetime with various dentists and my own self-conscious smile.

The treatment I received from Dr. Lacey was unbelievable. I received coordinated care with four other dental professionals and felt confident that my needs and desires were acknowledged and communicated well to each of them. The coordination between all of these professionals was mind boggling for me, but Dr. Lacey took care of it. I was informed and consulted on a regular basis about the options, outcomes and costs of each procedure. I received expert treatment at each appointment and answers to all of my questions. There was more than ample time spent with me. Dr. Lacey freely gave numerous hours consulting with other national experts at conferences about my particular issues. And importantly, I also received from Dr. Lacey support, reassurance, honesty, thoughtful interactions, and, yes, perfection in the creation of a beautiful smile!

I heartily recommend Mike Lacey to anyone needing complicated, coordinated care. Dr. Lacey is truly an artist and a tremendous human being. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me at any time through Dr. Lacey’s office.”


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